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Banff Location 1
435 Banff Avenue
P.O. Box 5398
Banff, AB
Phone: 403-760-8211
Fax: 403-760-8218

Banff Location 2
105 Falcon Street
P.O. Box 5398
Banff, AB
Phone: 403-760-3522
Fax: 403-760-3582

Rossland Location
2059 3rd Avenue
P.O. Box 1456
Rossland, BC
Phone: 250-362-5516
Fax: 250-362-5517

DynaPro Automotive - Service Center

  • Maintenance - Apart from the traditional “ Oil Change “ , there are many other maintenance items on a vehicle ranging from fluids to ignition components, belts, hoses, batteries etc. These items have a useable shelf life and in order to receive maximum fuel economy and reduce breakdowns, replace them when due.
  • Tires and TPMS systems - By rotating your tires at approximately every 10,000 KMS, you will increase the life of the tire and reduce negative effects on the steering and suspension components.
  • Braking system and anti-lock diagnostics - People often take for granted that their brakes are working okay because they do not feel or hear anything. Have your braking system inspected periodically to make sure that everything is wearing evenly. Cleaning, lubricating and servicing brake calipers will extend the life of the other brake components.
  • Steering and suspension systems - Ball joints, idler arms, track rods, relay rods, rack and pinion, shocks and struts all make up steering and suspension systems. All need to be inspected and replaced as required. Worn suspension and steering components increase braking distance and cause wear on other components.
  • Wheel alignments ( Banff ) - By adjusting the angle of the wheels, ( Toe, Camber, Caster ) you will increase the life of the tire and your vehicle will handle much better during any panic stops.
  • Tires
  • Batteries and electrical systems
  • Fluid services including engine oil change, transmission, differentials, cooling, transfer case, etc
  • Exhaust systems
  • Vehicle customizing and accessories
  • Complete vehicle diagnostics and repairs
  • Out of Province Inspections ( Alberta )
  • Insurance Inspections
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • New vehicle warranty provider

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